New revolutionary notification functionality slated for 1.5 release

LibrePlan, the popular open source project plannig application will have email notification functionality in the upcoming 1.5 release. We are very proud of this new and very user friendly piece of functionality and we will let you in on this currently well guarded secret by showing you two screenshots:

The first is the page were the site administrator can configure the settings to connect to an email server:

The second is the page where the site administrator can edit the template for the notification:

As you can see the administrator has full control over the contents of the notification and he can use special keywords (as shown in the right) where he wants them in the text. Of course this is all build in our multi-language context.

For every notification type the administrator can grant a special role to individual users. This way he has full control who receives a notification.

Sending of notifications is handled by a scheduled job so, again, the administrator can tune how often he wants to alert his users about changes in the system.

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