Manage Issues and Risks

Manage Issues

In the upcoming 1.5 release of LibrePlan there will be a new icon on the front page and it’s for a full featured Issue and Risk log. Both Issue and Risklog will be available as separate tabs within the Issue/Risklog perspective.

You can enter issues for:

  • Issues
  • Off specification
  • Other

Both screens will contain several relevant fields and you can order a lot of these columns to quickly find the information you are looking for. The issue/risklog perspective will also be available within a project.

The fact that Issue/Risklog are available in both single and multi project view gives you the unique posibility to quickly find, for example, all issues with a high risk. On top of that, the most important columns use colors to make it more easy to see the big picture.

Manage Risks

LibrePlan comes with an elaborate Risklog system. You can add risks in a project, and later view them from the all-projects perspective.

You can sort on a lot of columns to easily find all high or low risks in all projects.