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 Open source solution

LibrePlan is free software that you can use and customize. Its license allows you to benefit from contributions and improvements made in the community and turns this planning tool into a good candidate to be integrated with other pieces of software.

If you choose not to use any of our services but are using LibrePlan at work, please consider making a donation to support the continued development.

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Collaborative & web-based software

Project management 2.0 strengthens that all the team take part in the project planning and states that everybody should have access to the project plan.LibrePlan turns this possible on needing just a browser to access to the application.

Besides, it has a role based authorization system that allows you to configure the wished users permissions to fit their position in the organization.

Multiproject focus

In Project management 2.0 it’s an error to consider projects in isolation. There are dependencies among them and is usual that resources take part in several projects at the same time.

LibrePlan addresses this point on having being designed having in mind to manage the company as a whole.

Real time planning

Without any doubt to know the daily status of the execution of the projects in a company is a great advantage for the project manager. LibrePlan, as a collaborative  project management tool, allows to collect all the tracking information of the projects in real  time and at small effort. All the workers can do it interacting with the application.

This is a significant change compared to traditional project management tools, where all the work was centralized in the project manager, who could not spend his time gathering and inserting all the information required continuously.

Collaborate with other companies

Companies are not isolated ones from the others. Many times they collaborate to deliver a project on time. LibrePlan is ready to share and update plans amongdifferent companies.

A comprehensive set of features

  • Hit the deadlines and finish your projects on time.
  • Know if you have enough workers or you need to hire.
  • Track the time devoted by your workers and have it integrated in the project planning.
  • Know how much your projects cost.
  • Assure the quality.
  • Manage materials.
  • Measure the progress and adapt the planning to the project execution.
  • Many more…