Track Data

Track hours worked

With LibrePlan resources in the company can track the time they devote in the tasks they have assigend.

LibrePlan is flexible to support several formats to report these worked hours. For instance, you can report all the tasks done by a worker in a week together or, if you prefer, to track all the hours by any worker in the same task in the same report.

Monthly timesheets

In LibrePlan there is a special way of tracking time using monthly timesheets. Amonthly timesheet is thought to group all the time devoted by a worker in awhole month.

Monthly timesheets are used by the bound resources in their personal dashboards and they have great advantages for them:

  • They enable to control and to monitor all the time devoted in the monthuntil present. In this way a bound user is able to know if he is doing overtime, if he is doing less time than expected or if he is matching the expected work calendar.
  • In the monthly timesheets the tasks assigned to the bound worker areautomatically included and, in this way, the planned tasks are communicated directly to the employees that are expected to do them.

Track progress

With LibrePlan you not only plan the project in advance but you update and trackhow the tasks evolve, i.e., their progress.

There is a flexible progress measurement system which allows you:

  • To measure progress with different units. In percentage, in meters, in kgs, etc
  • To have several simultaneous progress measurements over the same task.
  • To have several global progress indicators following different strategies: all the tasks, tasks in the critical path, etc.

Track expenses

Many times to do activities apart from devoting time is needed to execute expenses. In LibrePlan you can file expenses in the currency configured in the planner and optionally put them as payable to some of the workers.

There are two ways to track expenses:

  • From the personal dashboard of the bound resources. In this case, all the expenses are saved in his name.
  • From the general track expenses window.

Expenses are taken into account to control de cost of the project in the Gantt charts and in the project cost reports.

Progress consolidation

Planning has to be updated once the project has started. However, there are parts that must remain fixed on belonging to periods of the past.

LibrePlan has a mechanism, called task consolidation,which helps you in this topic aiding at adapting the project plan once the project has begun. It allows you:

  • Set task hours previous to a date as fixed.
  • Allocate the needed hours in the not consolidated period of a task to hit the deadline