Manage your resources:

Create workers and machines

  • There are two types of resources:

    • Human resources. They perform the manual tasks.
    • Machines. They perform tasks mainly developed with machinery.

    Bind resources to LibrePlan users

  • Collaborative planning is enforced by allowing to involve actively the workers in the projects by binding them to a type of LibrePlan users, called bound resources.

    A bound resource is a special worker linked to a user. Workers are the resources planned in the projects and, by becoming bound resources with users associated to them, they can help in the project planning by tracking data.

    Personal dashboard

    It is the home page for bound resources. In the personal dashboard a bound user is able to check planning information related to him and to track data:
    • He can know the tasks assigned to him and its progress.
    • He can track the time worked daily by himself, in the tasks allocated or in other tasks not planned to him in advance.
    • He can track expenses done in the tasks he is working at.

    Configure calendars

    Calendars are the way to manage the hours resources are able to work through time and are very flexible.

    You have global calendars, which describe the work conditions of a region or group of people, and individual calendars. With individual calendars resources inherit the work conditions of a parent global calendar and you just need to configure the things which are specific, like the worker holidays, medical leaves, …

    With LibrePlan calendar system you even have the power to configure the amount of overtime a resource is allowed through time or forbid it completely

    Planner algorithms allocate hours to the resources in the project tasks taking into account the calendar resource capacities in the period the task lasts.

    Configure resource skills

    With LibrePlan you configure the resources with skills and outstanding conditions to perform tasks that they satisfy through time. They are called criteria.

    Jointly with criteria the tool provides powerful resource allocation strategieswhich allocate automatically the free and qualified resources by just specifying the required criteria. This is an unbeatable feature which saves you up a lot of time.