New release available soon

The LibrePlan open source project, known for delivering a very complete and popular web-based project management application, is excited to announce a new release after a 10-year hiatus. This long-awaited update is set to appear in just a few months. Our team is currently focusing on incorporating the latest translations, ensuring software stability, and setting up a donation infrastructure to support the project’s future.

In addition to these efforts, we are transitioning from Twitter to a Mastodon account for more timely and interactive communication. We warmly welcome contributors who are interested in enhancing the code and adding new functionalities. Despite being a comprehensive application, there are still many features that we aim to develop.

To celebrate our progress, we will have LibrePlan stickers available next week. If you would like to help promote the project, you can request a few stickers by emailing us at Thank you for your continued support!

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