Migration of bug management software finished

For a long time (more than 7 years) the LibrePlan project has been managing its bug reports on http://bugs.libreplan.dev using Bugzilla (version 4.02).

But things change. Software grows up. Newer and sometimes better stuff appears.

This too happened for our project. GitHub adds more functionality every day and so they added bug management functionality, called “Issues”. Combined with the “Projects” functionality in GitHub you get a very powerful combination.

Thankfully GitHub offers a REST API to make it possible to migrate bugs from Bugzilla to Issues on GitHub. Well, this sounds a little bit more easy than it is in practice, but it is possible.

So we set out to write a Python program to make the migration happen. You can find the code for this in it’s own repository https://github.com/LibrePlan/bugzilla2github. After a lot of testing on a separate repository, today we made the final run to migrate everything to the LibrePlan repository. Now you can find all issues here: https://github.com/LibrePlan/libreplan/issues.

One challenge was how to handle the original attachments (which Bugzilla stored in its own database). We decided to export them all to file and add them to their own repository that you can find here: https://github.com/LibrePlan/bugzilla2githubattachments.

We are not done yet though. A lot of issues that are currently marked “open” are out-dated. We are going to check them all and close those that need closing.

But first we now will start to migrate our wiki to github wiki.

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