Changes, upcoming talk and progress of work

Just a small message to notify you of a big change. The main development site for LibrePlan has changed from to Of course there’s a story behind this change. Maybe one day I’ll tell you all.

Yes, we are still working on a new release. But the moving of this site just became more urgent. More about the new release in the next paragraph.

Upcoming talk: On the 19th and 20th of October this year in Manchester UK, the 10th edition of Oggcamp will be held. And I will do one of the talks! The title of the talk will be “Running an open source project without a community”. I think you already know where this talk will be all about. The title is sort of self-explanatory. :-). Anyway, I would love to see you all there.

The upside to all this is of course that I find it really uncool if I would to the talk without showing the new release. So, I guess I painted myself in a corner with that one. So, regarding releasedate, well, there is none. But it must be before the 19th of October.

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